Adrienne Nairn – My Brother My Enemy

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About My Brother My Enemy

Adrienne Nairn is a former British resident now living in New Zealand. Her autobiography provides a record of her first hand experiences of the issues of elder abuse, the waste of Police and Social Services resources, misuse of Powers of Attorney and matters of how inheritances are handled within families in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one.

About Adrienne Nairn

Adrienne Nairn grew up in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. She emigrated to South Africa in 1969 moving on to Australia and New Zealand, where she meet and married her husband. Working in numerous professions as a secretary, Adrienne is now retired living in Taupo, New Zealand but family circumstances led her to write her autobiography highlighting the elder abuse which happened in her family. She uncovered what she believed to be criminal activities but her encounters with the law and social services were not happy and she became disillusioned with justice. Her book reached No. 2 in the Amazon Best Sellers list for its genre and she is now involved in writing a novel based on the injustices she feels people suffer and the helplessness victims encounter. Adrienne has a daughter and two grandsons living in Sydney.

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