Andrew Davie – No One Runs Faster than a Bullet

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About No One Runs Faster than a Bullet

Kansas City. the final years of Prohibition. A crew, including a former bootlegger, preacher, World War 1 veteran, Pinkerton Agent, barnstorming prizefighter, among others plan to steal gold deposits during the height of the Great Depression.

About Andrew Davie

Andrew Davie is originally from New York City Links to his writing are available at his website:

His short stories deal with existentialist themes in the speculative fiction genre.

He also writes hardboiled novellas in the crime genre.

His crime novella Pavement is available from All Due Respect Books. His novella Dig Two Graves is scheduled to be released by Close to the Bone publishing in September 2020. The sequel to Pavement, Ouroboros, is scheduled to be released by All Due Respect Books in December 2020 as is another stand-alone titled No One Runs Faster Than a Bullet by Close to the Bone.

Currently, he hosts the podcast “A Fistful of Faceful.”

He has worked as a recruiter for software programmers, an office manager at a theater company, an institutional sales/options trader in finance, and most recently a teacher. He’s taught English and writing in New York, Virginia, Macau (on a Fulbright Grant), and Hong Kong. These classes have been at the middle school, high school, and college-level; for traditional students, ESL students, and those with learning disabilities.

in 2018, he survived a ruptured brain aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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