Tremble – Nikki Freeman


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About Tremble

Widow and single mother, Rebecca Noland, wants nothing more than to rekindle the passion with her overworked fiancé, Detective Dan Slaviche. Expecting to surprise him by slipping into his apartment before he comes home from work, her curiosity gets the best of her when she discovers the key to unlock his desktop. What she finds there is a nightmare that sends her, along with her seven-year-old son, running for their lives. Terrified and broke, her only option is to flee to her family’s estate in Tremble, Tennessee where memories of her mother’s violent death still haunt her childhood home. But bad memories aren’t the only things that await her. As Dan abandons all morals in his attempt to locate his bride-to-be, Rebecca struggles to make the house a home for her son while growing closer to her next-door neighbors. But her sanity comes into question when she realizes the entity responsible for her mother’s murder is lying in wait, intent on destroying anyone who tries to come between it and the object of its deadly obsession… her.

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About Nikki Freeman

A lover of nature, Nikki Freeman spends a considerable amount of time in the mountains, absorbing the history of the land. What intrigues her the most is stumbling upon hidden cemeteries in the forest or long abandoned buildings weathered by time. “That,” she says, “is what sets the imagination on fire… the mystery of not knowing who lived there. Not knowing what happened behind those walls. That’s when the craving to fill in the blanks really hits.” Nikki’s short stories, ‘Saved by Fear’, ‘Condemned’, ‘Late’, and ‘Dusty’s Rose’ have appeared in The Harrow and The Writer’s Hood, as well as her poem ‘Yesterday’ in The International Library of Poetry.

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