City of Forts – Jason Beech


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About City of Forts

A teenage tearaway. A dead body in the basement of an abandoned house. Can Ricky beat off a sinister conspiracy that threatens to tear his family and friends apart?

When Liz Panowich falls through the floorboards of an abandoned house and comes face to face with a body slumped, bloody, against the basement wall, Ricky Nardilo knows this long, hot summer is his life’s turning point. Long days of carefree innocence are exchanged for life and death struggle as local gangsters hunt for the truth about the dead man. Ricky, Liz, Bixby, and Tanais dig graves, escape danger by the skin of their teeth, and seek the protection of the benevolent man from across the river. It all works, until …

City of Forts is a coming-of-age crime thriller set in the world of the have-nots, desperate in the face of the haves, where friendships can crumble at the squeeze of a trigger.

“A haunting tale of death, love, and the American Dream on a US town’s mean streets”
– Keith Nixon, author of the bestselling Konstantin series.

“A brilliant read that explores society and all its cracks. Jason Beech expertly balances the nostalgia of childhood adventures with the brutality of life in a very grown-up and dark town. City of Forts deserves to sit equal with the greats as a piece of entertainment and a study of modern life’s struggle”
– Aidan Thorn, author of When the Music’s Over from Fahrenheit 13 Press.

“… gritty coming-of-age tale from a master of description. Compelling reading.” Brendan Gisby, author of The Bookie’s Runner.

“A great story full of drama and twists.” Robert Cowan, author of Firm and Daydreams and Devils.

“… “tense, atmospheric, and haunting.” Paul D. Brazill, author of Man of the World

About Jason Beech

Sheffield native, New Jersey resident — writes crime fiction. His coming-of-age crime drama City of Forts was described as “tense, atmospheric, and haunting” by UK crime writer Paul D. Brazill.

You can buy Jason’s work from Amazon and read his work at Spelk Fiction, Shotgun Honey, Close to the Bone, The Flash Fiction Offensive, and Pulp Metal Magazine.

His latest novel, American Spartan, is a sequel to 2018’s City of Forts.

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