J Victoria Michael – Songbird

About Songbird

A twentieth century woman is lost in a fantasy world with nothing but the clothes on her back and her innate humanity. This is the story of her compelling need to redefine herself.

When Irenya O’Neil suffers a panic attack and falls into the realm of Dar Orien, a world with a failed MageGate system, she finds herself unable to return home to her infant son – she is trapped in a nightmare that tests her sanity. 

Confronted with evidence that she possesses a Gift of power, Irenya attempts to control her fledgling talent through music. This could be her ticket home. But Irenya becomes mired in the civil unrest that has befallen Dar Orien. Sickened by the bloodshed and fearful for her own safety, Irenya is desperate to find her way home.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Songbird-Griffinsong-Trilogy-Book-1-ebook/dp/B08BCTJBKL/r

Praise for Songbird

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Songbird is a delight to read and I didn’t want to put it down. A wonderful escape from the craziness of 2020. I was swept away to another world, captivated by Irenya’s plight and I can’t wait for the next volume to be released so I can continue the story!” Amazon Reader

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I found this to be a great escape. Irenya O’Neil suffers a panic attack and finds that she is now in the realm of Dar Orien, a world with a failed MageGate system. Is she trapped there forever? Her infant son is left behind in her original timeline.” Amazon Reader

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“From the moment I read the prologue I was hooked. Songbird was an absolute delight to read and I had to make myself put it down to do essential daily stuff. Music is the thread that holds the story together for me and I was thoroughly swept away by it. J Victoria Michael weaves a most captivating story set in another world, in another time. Or is it? Best read it and make up your own mind!” Amazon Reader

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About the Author

Judith Michael is a New Zealander who writes under the name of J Victoria Michael.

She is a story-teller, fascinated with other dimensions, time travel and unexpected, remarkable talents. Long novels with speculative elements are her favourites, stories that take her to strange places and keep her turning the pages late at night. Judith has a passion for classical music and beautiful movement, from ballet to belly-dancing. As a child she made up stories told in dance, wearing out the toes of her shoes to the vexation of her parents. Later, she discovered the joy of story-telling in words with music a constant muse.

Her first long work was a fantasy novel. When the manuscript was finished and its themes clear, she re-wrote it, retaining only the main protagonist and the original premise. The story of one woman’s compelling need to redefine herself could have been told within the framework of contemporary Australia, but Judith wanted to add the archetypal element of an imagined world. Long before she finished the work she realised her novel was turning into a trilogy. In order to keep track of her characters she would summon individuals to her study for a discussion. Sometimes they summon her to the fictional world of Dar Orien.

New Zealand’s pristine beaches and richly-greened landscapes have influenced her sense of place. Time spent living among the flamenco gypsies of Andalusia, and communing with mediaeval spirits in France has, in subtle ways, informed the physical and emotional landscapes of GriffinSong Trilogy.

Judith has a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, and her short stories have won various awards, appearing online and in print. Judith lives permanently in Melbourne and shares her home with a bossy ginger cat.

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