About us

Henry Roi  – Marketing – Publicity – Strategy

Henry Roi is an author, publicist, and teacher.  He has been writing crime and horror since he was a teenager and worked for several publishing houses as an editor and publicist before setting up Henry Roi PR in 2018.  He brings a wealth of experience in promoting talented indie writers – arranging reviews, devising publicity strategies and delivering media campaigns. 

Henry was born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and still finds his inspiration in its places and people. As a GED tutor and fitness instructor, working both face to face and online, he is an advocate of adult education in all its forms. His many campaigning and personal interests include tattoo art, prison reform and automotive mechanics. If you’re not lucky enough to catch him fishing round the Biloxi Lighthouse or teaching martial arts in your local gym, he can usually be found on Twitter or Facebook, under Henry Roi PR.

Kristy Kloster – Publicist – Blackberry Book Tours

Kristy is an MBA in Planning and Business Management, who has published both fiction and non fiction and loves helping books of all varieties to find their way to the right readers.

She particularly loves children’s books, and she has close links with many children’s authors. She leads with our new blog tour subsidiary, Blackberry Book Tours, where she also creates banners and artwork.

Kristy has close ties in the USA and United Kingdom, but these days lives way down the bottom of the world! As our only southern hemisphere representative, she is helping us work our way towards ‘truly global’ (and meanwhile her presence ensures that it is always spring or summer somewhere in the organisation. )

Carly Rheilan – Information Technology – Blackthorn Book Tours

Carly Rheilan is an editor and IT addict (our very own own Nerd-in-the-Basement).  In various lives she has published academic works on criminology, feminism and nursing, as well as some very dark novels. 

She leads with our dark fiction subsidiary, Blackthorn Book Tours, and also provides input to editing and reviewing.

Carly was born in Malta and now lives near London UK. She divides her time between Henry Roi PR, Blackthorn Book Tours, political campaigns, a youth club and her secret life as a guerilla gardener.  As light relief, she does a bit of boxing and fantasizes about a career in arc welding.

J.B. Martin – Senior Publicist

JB Martin is a talented publicist who works to make sure that every book he handles is a winner. Raised in Mississippi, and with a background in motor engineering, JB brings to the team both his love of living fast and his personal mantra Dedication, Determination, & Discipline.

JB has expertise across all genres and a superb track record for finding great reviewers for unusual and difficult books.

Junior Lewis – Publicist

Growing up in in East St Louis, Illinois – home of Miles Davis and Tina Turner –  Junior has been passionate about music for as long as he can remember.  He is also a keen story teller, with a particular interest in using stories and parables to help children address the conflicts in their world.  He is publishing his first book for children later this year.

Junior is an enthusiastic student of boxing and was recruited to his current job direct from a boxing class, where Henry Roi was coaching him.  Impressed by Junior’s dedicated approach to training – his readiness to put in the hours and get right back up after any setback – Henry realised that this young fighter would bring the same positive ethos to anything he worked at. True to form, Junior is a hard-working, determined publicist, and always ready to go the extra round for his clients.

Lilyan Archer – Administration

Lilyan initially joined Blackthorn Book Tours as an intern, and is now our Office Administrator – a challenging role in an organization whose inboxes and coffee cups are strewn across three continents.  Lilyan is the oldest of six siblings, was raised on a farm and is a graduate in library studies. As such, she provides expertise in herding cats, calming things down and lining ducks up in rows.

Lilyan is also an enthusiastic graphic designer and has taken over the production of tour banners for our dark fiction tours. In her spare time, she redecorates her miniature apartment in alarming colors, writes poems and grows unpromising vegetables in jam-jars.

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