10 Leading Tools

by KG Butler

October 11-14

How do some leaders inspire and create hordes of loyal followers? And why do some people and organizations have the ability to challenge the status quo and succeed again and again? Because they’ve learned the right tools for success.

10 Leading Tools provides you with the skills and tools to become a stronger person and a more productive leader.

10 Leading Tools (10LT) is a contemporary approach to leadership that presents readers with insightful strategies for tackling today’s challenges as a manager or leader. Technology executive KG Butler exposes a step-by-step pathway for a new generation of leaders with profound and revealing anecdotes. Butler draws on colorful examples from years of research, personal life, professional experience, and exciting stories from world-class athletes to 10-year-old spelling savants to billion-dollar start-ups. He takes the reader on an intellectual and emotional journey to discover their unique and often unrecognized leadership skills.

The tools include:
Tool 1: Use Purpose Over Task
Tool 2: Learn a New Language
Tool 3: Tell Different Stories
Tool 4: Create Currents
Tool 5: Play
Tool 6: Pulse
Tool 7: Be Vanilla
Tool 8: Be Agile
Tool 9: Be Real
Tool 10: Be Bold

In this book, Butler provides practical techniques for leading in your career, family, and community. Written in an approachable, warm, and humble style, 10 Leading Tool is the ultimate guide to becoming both a better person and a more productive leader.

“10 Leading Tools offers a great perspective on leadership and tries to explain tools that will help one become a good leader. The author provides an abundance of information about the workings of those tools and the science behind them.” 5 of 5 stars – LiteraryTitan.com

“I enjoyed 10 Leading Tools immensely and rate it 4 out of 4 stars. It is interesting, engaging, and inspiring. I would recommend it to anyone looking to grow as a leader, either in business, their personal lives, or both.” – OnlineBookClub.org

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About the author

KG Butler is from a small North Texas town and now finds himself half a world away in Sydney, Australia. He is a first-time author, but he has been blogging for the past 3 years (https://leaderstoolbelt.com/blog/), attempting to perfect his voice. Aside from writing, he is a passionate husband, father, and leader with over 20 years of leadership and consulting experience for brands like Oracle, Compaq/HP, Ford Motor, Kohler, Polaroid, Air New Zealand, and Apple Inc.

He is currently a managing partner of a global consulting firm, a TV producer, a podcaster, and an entrepreneur who loves sports, travel, and great food. He is the founder of Leaders Toolbelt, a free online resource/community for new and young leaders, and the creator of the Modern Leaders Model, which looks at leadership across three key dimensions: career, family, and community.