The Devil Took Her: Tales of Horror

by Michael Botur

September 16-19

Melanie’s increasingly disturbing journal entries have to be delusional ravings—if they’re not, there’s something terrible out there, snatching runaways in the night and spiriting them off to somewhere unspeakable.

In his debut collection of horror stories, The Devil Took Her, short fiction writer Michael Botur, recognized in his native New Zealand as “one of the most original story writers of his generation,” offers twelve terrifying and bizarre tales that take us to the dark extremes of human imagination.

A woman trapped in a coal cellar discovers that in order to live, part of her needs to die. A teen prankster’s vicious joke against her tutor brings revenge served cold. Cutting class turns terrifying for two high school introverts. A powerful-yet-paranoid publisher turns a young man’s magazine internship into a nightmare. And more . . .

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About the author

Michael Botur, born 1984, is the author of five acclaimed short story collections, four novels, a poetry collection and a children’s book. He has won awards for short fiction in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Botur has published journalism in most major newspapers and magazines in New Zealand. He lives in Whangarei with his two kids, who beg Daddy to tell them synopses of the scary stories he’s writing. In 2021 Botur was the first New Zealand winner of the Australasian Horror Writers Association Short Story Award for Test of Death.