Blackberry Book Tours

Blackberry Book Tours

Come with us and don’t forget your basket! Welcome to this wild forest where we can be whoever we want. Bring the kids! The blackberries here can be sweet sometimes… or bitter. Juicy. Or even unpredictable. But we can guarantee your basket will be full of whimsical surprises. You are invited if:

  • You’re a Blogberry
  • You’re an Authorberry of kids’ books
  • If you want a Berryboost for your kids’ book

We have been working with children’s authors since the start of Henry Roi PR, and we love working with children’s authors and reviewers. Blackberry Book Tours is a new project, drawing both on our experience promoting children’s books and our record of providing successful book tours in adult genres. Blackberry Book Tours will specialize in fiction and non-fiction picture and middle grade books. What we offer We are offering review-only tours. We will draw on our existing pool of children’s book reviewers, who are passionate about promoting excellent literature to encourage children’s reading.

  • Garden Blackberry: Twelve reviews over four days
  • Wild Blackberry: Twenty-one reviews over seven days.
Promoting children’s literature

Here are some of the great Blackberries that we have promoted over the last two years.

Check out our current tours here.

Contact us

If you would be interested in working with us as a reviewer or author, or if you have questions about Blackberry Book Tours, please contact us as below.

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