Blackthorn Book Tours

Blackthorn Book Tours

Blackthorn Book Tours is a dedicated, review only book tour provider specialising in dark fiction. We host tours for a range of fiction including the mystery/crime/thriller, horror, YA and speculative fiction genres.

  • If your writing is dark, edgy and sharp, we want to hear from you.
  • If you are a reviewer or blogger with an interest in dark fiction, we want to hear from you.
  • If you publish dark books and want a boost for your publications, we want to hear from you
What we offer and what we deliver

We are currently hosting review-only tours of twelve reviews over four days or twenty-one reviews over seven days. We strive to provide authors with quality honest reviews written by reviewers with a passion for the dark side.

We cannot accept every book that we are offered: we only tour with books that we believe to be high quality and that we think our reviewers will enjoy.

Our reviewers are some of the best that are out there, and we are continuously recruiting.

Unlike many tour operators, we are only satisfied if we actually deliver what we offer. A twelve slot tour should generate 12 reviews, and we work tirelessly to achieve this. All book tour operators know that some promised reviewed don’t actually materialise. We therefore overbook our tours and work with our loyal bloggers to fill any slots that come empty, right up to the last moment. As shown in the table below, which shows details from our last ten tours, we usually meet or exceed the target, but occasionally we miss it; we are constantly working to improve.

Contact us

If you have any general queries about our work, please contact us as below. For specific tours, please use the links on the tour pages.

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