Tour: Sinner’s Cross

By Miles Watson, February 5 – 8

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  • Genre:  War Fiction
  • Print length: 284 pages
  • Suitable for young adults? No
  • Trigger warnings: Realistically reflects war conditions: graphic violence; death; physical and emotional suffering
  • Formats available for the Tour: mobi, epub, pdf. [sorry, no paperbacks!]
  • Amazon star rating: 5 Stars, 16 ratings

Sinner’s Cross is has won multiple prizes

  • Best Indie Book Award – Historical Fiction – (2019);
  • Book Excellence Award – Action (2020);
  • Literary Titan Book Award – Gold Medal (2020)
  • Finalist in the Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards 2020 (outcome awaited)

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About Sinner’s Cross

In 1944, Sinner’s Cross was just a point on a map: a muddy track through shell-torn German woods. Worthless…except to the brass on both sides of the war, who are willing to sacrifice their best men to have it. Men like Halleck, a tough-as-nails Texan who traded driving cattle for driving soldiers; Breese, a phenomenal actor who can play any part but hero; and Zenger, the Nazi paratrooper who discovers Hitler’s Germany is a lousy place to grow a conscience. Their lives and deaths will intersect at the place called Sinner’s Cross.

Praise for Sinners Cross

“★★★★★  — Literary Titan

“A war book on an epic scale, but traced through nightmare visions under a writerly microscope.” — Carly Rheilan, author of Asylum 

“This expertly crafted historical fiction takes readers into the trenches of WWII — and into the minds of soldiers on both sides of the war… The author gives voice to men in the impossible position of carrying out orders that disregard human dignity, including their own.” — Writer’s Digest 

“Sinner’s Cross goes to places I didn’t want to go. It goes to places you won’t want to go either. Tough. Go there….It’s a book about how War works. What it does to human minds, morality, relationships, living bodies, corpses. Miles Watson dissects, unflinchingly, the essential mechanics of what war demands, day by day, as it actually happens, to the people who must fight it.” — De Gevallene, The Hard Hat Book Site

“You might find Miles Watson as a favorite new storyteller. This is war. 5 stars for Sinner’s Cross.” — Tyler Smith, author of The Age of Majority

About the Author:

Miles Watson was first published at the age of 17 and has never looked back. He is now an eleven-time award winning author of three novels, a short story collection and several novellas, and has vowed to write in every genre before he’s finished. When not at the typewriter, he has worked as everything from a law enforcement officer to a Hollywood make-up effects artist, and divides his time between the West and the East Coast. 

As well as Awards for Sinner’s Cross, listed above, Miles Watson has also won multiple awards and citations for his other books:


  • Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Runner Up (2016)
  • Zealot Script Magazine “Book of the Year” (2017)
  • Best Indie Book Award – Mystery & Suspense (2018)


  • Writer’s Digest Honorable Mention (2019);
  • Best Indie Book Award – Suspense (2019)


  • Eric Hoffer Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing Finalist (2019)


  • Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Novella – (2019)


  • Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Novella – (2020)

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