Books for Prisoners

A partnership with Kids With 47 Years


We love books

And so do many prisoners. Often, however, prisoners have no access to a library, and no means of buying books. Should we really need to be persuading anyone of the importance of books? We don’t think so.

The children of prisoners are often disadvantaged too. We would like prisoners to be able to send books to their children.

We are therefore happy to partner with Kids With 47 Years, a small campaigning organisation working for criminal justice reform, to send prisoners paperback copies of some of the books that we are promoting.

If prisoners enjoy the books or have things to say about them, they are encouraged to submit a brief review, which will be publicised by Henry Roi PR, and be published in:

If you know any inmate who would like to receive a book, please send us their details (form at end of page), with an indication of what sort of book they would like to read, or a suggestion from the list below. Books will be sent either from Amazon or the approved book source for the facility concerned. We can’t guarantee that we will be able to meet every request, as this is a limited scheme, but if we can’t send immediately we will keep details on file and send a suitable book as soon as we are able to. Happy reading!

If you are interested in sending a book to the son or daughter of a prisoner, or for details of young adult books that might also be of interest to someone in prison, please make contact with our children/young adult section, Blackberry Book Tours, via their pages at


Our current adult book offerings…

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Privacy and personal information

We use the information below solely for the purposes described on this page. We will not disclose email addresses to any third party. Recipient names, numbers, and addresses will be given to the book supplier to allow the book to be delivered, but will not otherwise be shared with any third party. If a recipient writes a review, it will be published by default under the name “Avid Reader” unless the reviewer or their representative (as below) expressly agrees to other another identifier being given. Each book will be sent via Amazon or another distributor as a gift to the named inmate via a personal account and an address in UK. Books sent to children will be sent as gifts from the same account with a gift message agreed by the inmate or their representative.

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