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Blackthorn Book Tours is interested in authors at all stages of their writing journey – from just “thinking about it” to achieving real success in publication. Many of our bloggers are also published authors. Some are just supporting other writers through their blogging, biding their time, but they know there’s a book inside them, waiting to get out. And we wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of our reviewers have a half finished manuscript somewhere on their computer, or even a completed draft that they’re not sure what to do with.

We can help you to get your manuscript into the best shape ready for publication, with proofing, copy editing, support with formating and cover design. Our prices are competitive and vary in line with the nature of the book and the level of work required. Proofing and copy editing start from $1.50 per 1,000 words; formating and preparation for publication from $100.

For aspiring and improving authors who need advanced help to get to the next level, Henry Roi PR recommends our friends Tom Vater and Brian Gruber at Sand Scribes. From story ideas to books ready to publish, Sand Scribes offer step by step story coaching. They also offer professional editing and marketing – teaching writers while working with them.

Here is their description of their service.


Sand Scribes is a new partnership designed to deliver intimate, top-shelf support to forge your literary ideas into gems. The Sand Scribes know all about telling stories. Brian Gruber and Tom Vater have spent their professional lives traveling the world, working in a myriad of creative industries and literary genres. Henry Roi adds his expertise in guerilla marketing, ensuring your work gets to influencers, reviewers, targeted communities, and social media networks.

Have an idea for a novel? How about a non-fiction book on a personal passion? Perhaps you or a friend or relative want to document and publish your own unique stories for posterity?

Go to for a quick review of services and packages, then send us a note for a free hour of coaching and guidance on how to take your creative project to completion.

Thanks for your attention. Come see what we’ve created.

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