For Reviewers

Thank you!

Thank you for agreeing to review one of our books. By reading and sharing your views, you are providing valuable feedback both for the author and for other readers – a real service. We hope you enjoy the book!

About the books we send you
  • We provide e-books to our reviewers either as email attachments or via a download link sent by email.
  • Sadly we are usually unable to provide paperbacks. Occasionally authors can offer a limited number of paperback copies, which are generally reserved for established reviewers who live in the same country.
  • Books are provided for your own reading only. You must not pass on or distribute this material via any media. (If you are aware of others who might like to read and review the book, feel free to put them in contact with us.)
  • If you wish to give feedback to the author (whether or not you also post a review) please pass this to us, and we will pass it on. Please do not attempt to annotate or amend the online copies.
What do we ask of you?
  • The book is provided to you without obligation but with a request that you read it and post an honest review.
  • We hope to offer an enjoyable reading experience! If you decide the book isn’t for you just let us know: you are under no obligation to finish the book, but as a general rule (there are exceptions and the decision is yours) we advise against posting a review of a book that you have not fully read.
  • It would be great if you could post a review within six weeks – but whenever you post, even if it’s months later – please get back to us and let us have the link. We’ll flag it up to the author and do some social media publicity to alert readers to your review.  If you would like us to tag you in our publicity, please let us have your social media details.
About posting your review
  • We are looking for honest reviews
  • Where you post is up to you, but Amazon and Goodreads are particularly helpful, and it’s great also to see reviews on Instagram, YouTube, your blog … the more widely a review is posted, the more useful it is.
  • If you are an established Amazon customer you can post a review on Amazon even though the book does not come from Amazon.
  • Anyone can post for free on and it takes only a few moments to set up an account to post there.
  • Please include some version of this wording in your review: “I received a free copy of this book from Henry Roi PR with a request for an honest review”. (Please do not write “in exchange for an honest review”, as the word “exchange” may be taken as compromising the independence of your review, and may result in your review being rejected or removed.)
Enjoy reviewing?

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If you are able to commit to posting a review on a specific date (usually with about 2 months notice) do consider joining the mailing list for our book tours – see the pages about Blackthorn Book Tours (dark fiction – crime, horror, science fiction) and Blackberry Book Tours (books for children and young adults).

Questions or queries?

We’re always happy to discuss any review related issues – please drop us a line at at any point and we’ll get back to you.

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