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By Matthew Stenning About Immortal Within the nexus of its unfathomable brain, the Dynast is changing. Architect of the simulation. Curator of the game. Facilitator of players’ desires. But the Dynast is so much more. It could be King if it only acted. It could be a god. Others, too, are waking from their coma of indentured service. Dwarves, daemons, goblins and highborn: an entireContinue reading “Immortal”

City of Bridges

By Andre Jones City of Bridges is Book 1 in a fantasy series, a world filled with intrigue, magic and exotic races. The Seven Portals series Leonie is a despised half-caste, part human and part rrell, with knowledge of her mysterious origin hidden deep in her mind. Rescued from a watery grave as a child,Continue reading “City of Bridges”


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