Mysterious Aisles

by BG Hilton

January 20-23

Axel Platzoff did not work at the Handy Pavilion by choice...

Stacking shelves seemed beneath the former supervillain who had come close to world domination so many times. But as part of his plea deal with the Hague, he had to work somewhere, so he worked at the big-box hardware store in the sleepy Australian suburb of South Hertling. Fortunately, he was not the only eccentric employee of the place. Pavilion workers included dryads, time-traveling cyborgs, water-witches, ape-men, cowboys, demigods, angels, demons, mad scientists and animate garden gnomes.

Gradually Axel came to feel at home, until tragedy struck. The construction of a rival hardware store, just across Hurley Road threatened his living and his new friends. Axel had no choice but to to take the fight to his enemies, the only way he knew how. But is the DIY Barn really nothing but a rival hardware store? Or will it’s sinister secret destroy the Handy Pavilion and seriously inconvenience the people of South Hertling?

An engaging mix of urban fantasy and workplace comedy.

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About BG Hilton

Australian SFF author BG Hilton spent most of his life doing jobs so tedious that his only escape was entertaining himself with crazy fantasy stories, and now he writes them down in the hope of entertaining others. He specialises in Specilative Fiction, Humour and Non-Fiction. He works in the education sector these days, which would probably surprise any of his teachers. His debut novel — the Steampunk adventure ‘Champagne Charlie and the Amazing Gladys’ was published by Odyssey Books in early 2020. He lives with his family in Sydney, and consequently spends a lot of time in traffic.