by Andrew J. Harvey

May 16-19

The Clemhorn Trilogy Book 2 (The first book in the series is available as audiobook or ebook for reviewers who will participate in the tour for the second book. Join this tour to have access.)

Soon after Iapura led fifty-three survivors to found a new empire on a parallel Earth; he sought to expand that Empire to the Mmbuto é. It was an attempt that did not end well for either party, and led to the Edict that banned any contact with an advanced line.

Now, fleeing the surprise attack by Miro and his new allies; Donald, Conrad and their father find themselves having to seek the aid of the Mmbuto é, a line that has no cause to love the Cross-Temporal Empire. But they have no choice if they are to gain the allies they need for their return, knowing that they cannot risk another failure.

Meanwhile Ivy must fight a solitary war on Etu, facing attacks on two fronts, and Arnold’s very personal treachery.

Can they prevail in a war that has set sibling against sibling and shattered the very foundations that bound the Empire together.

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About Andrew Harvey

Andrew spent his high-school years in the school’s library lost in the worlds of Andre Norton, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov. Reading in turn led to writing, with the first draft of The Portal Adventures originally completed to read to his two sons at night. Now his children have left home he lives in Perth with his wife, one dog, and sixty four gold fish.

Andrew is presently the Principal of Hague Publishing, established in 2011 as an independent publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Registered in Western Australia, it publishes original work by Australian and New Zealand authors.

Andrew’s first published short story (A Messenger to the Dragon) appeared in Aurealis – Australian Fantasy and Science Fiction in 1992. His most recent was the award winning 1827: Napoleon in Australia, which appeared in Sea Lion Press’ anthology Alternate Australias released in 2020.

His first novel, Nightfall (book one in the Clemhorn Trilogy) is an adult, alternate history set against the backdrop of the Cross-Temporal Empire and its fifty-four separate lines. Nightfall was released by Zmok Books in 2019. The series is distributed by Simon and Schuster.

Trouble on Teral and Crisis at Calista Station, the first two books in his new middle-grade, Science Fiction adventure series, The Portal Adventures, were released by Canada’s Peasantry Press in 2020. The open ended series is a combination of Caroline Lawrence’s Roman Mysteries and Andre Norton’s juvenile speculative fiction.

A passionate reader of Alternate History Andrew is working on completing a number of additional series of trilogies based on the Cross-Temporal Empire.