Our Reviews and Twitter Follower package

Thank you!

Thank you for checking out this package. It is our most popular product and has helped hundreds of authors improve the visibility – and hence the sales – of their books. This page gives more details about this package.

Books we can work with

We welcome books from most genres, but we consider every proposal individually and cannot guarantee to take on every book we are offered.

Average 20 Reviewers
  • Throughout the month of your contract we will work to identify appropriate reviewers who will agree to read and review your book. We work equally hard for all our clients, but some books are easier than others to promote. We cannot guarantee that we will find twenty reviewers for every author we work with, but we exceed the target as often as we miss it.
  • Twenty reviewers does not necessarily equate to twenty reviews: reviewers are independent of us, and some will agree to review but then not post. There are many reasons for this, but sometimes it is because they find that they don’t enjoy the book and would rather not submit a negative review.
  • We look for reviewers who are likely to enjoy your book. We cannot, however, guarantee that all reviews will be favorable.
  • We encourage reviewers to post widely – on Amazon if they are able to do so, on Goodreads, on Instagram on their personal blogs etc. Most of our reviewers are from USA and UK, so those who can post on Amazon typically use Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.
An average of 1,000 new Twitter followers
  • We use Twitter as a key platform for reaching out to potential reviewers. If we can do this through your account, or an account that we set up on your behalf, we will in the process build up your twitter following, with people who are interested in in your genre or area. On average we can gain you 1,000 new followers in the course of a month. To do this, we will need your authorisation to access the account, follow and unfollow, and post to potential reviewers from it, makng clear that we are representing you and acting on your behalf.
  • Alternatively we can work from our own social media accounts, but this will mean that any new followers will be following our account rather than yours.
Cancellation and refunds

We do not normally give refunds if an author decides to terminate the contract before the end of a month. If you do not wish to continue a contract, please contact us so that we can find a way forward that addresses any concerns and minimises any loss of reviews.

If for any reason we need to cancel a contract we will either issue a refund for the unworked part of the contract, or postpone completion, extending the contract to ensure that the work is completed at a later date. Although we cannot guarantee that every book will have 20 reviewers, if a book proves particularly difficult to promote in this way, we will discuss with you how best to proceed and either agree a way forward or issue a full or partial refund, depending up on the circumstances.

Questions or queries?

We are happy to discuss any special needs you may have or answer any questions! Contact us on henryroi.pr@gmail.com

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