Completed Tours, Blackthorn and Black Coffee


Link to Tour BannerLink to Tour ReportTour Date
Liner by Chris CoppelTour report01 October 2021
Asylum by Tamera LawrenceTour report24 September 2021
Stalker Stalked by Lee Matthew GoldbergTour report17 September 2021
Death Perception by Lee Allen HowardTour report17 September 2021
Fractured Lives by Russ ColchamiroTour report10 September 2021
BirthRights by Carly RheilanTour report13 August 2021
The Dark Chorus by Ashley MeggittTour report09 July 2021
The Bedwetter by Lee Allen HowardTour report02 July 2021
The Cuts that Cure by Arthur HerbertTour report25 June 2021
Keepers of the Gate by E Denise BillupsTour report18 June 2021
Black Rose by Pete AdamsTour report11 June 2021
Court of the Grandchildren by Michael MuntisovTour report28 May 2021
Reality Testing by Grant PriceTour report21 May 2021
The Legacy of Old Gran Parks by Isobel BlackthornTour report14 May 2021
The Sun Casts No Shadow by Mark RichardsonTour report07 May 2021
Gold! by Thomas GreenbankTour report30 April 2021
Something for Bebe by Neil WhiteTour report23 April 2021
Moonlight Becomes You by Robert HeroldTour report16 April 2021
7 Days in Hell by Iseult MurphyTour report02 April 2021
Colony by Benjamin CrossTour report26 March 2021
Orange City by Lee Matthew GoldbergTour report19 March 2021
The Ghost of Villa Winter by Isobel BlackthornTour report12 March 2021
Heart Fever by Bob Van LaerhovenTour report05 March 2021
Coração Febril by Bob van LaerhovenTour report05 March 2021
Nite Fire: Flash Point by C.L.ShneiderTour report26 February 2021
Captain Clive’s Dreamworld by Jon BassoffTour report19 February 2021
Sinner’s Cross by Miles WatsonTour report05 February 2021
The Benefits of Breathing by Christopher MeeksTour report29 January 2021
Witness by Simon MaltmanTour report22 January 2021
The Haunting of Gallagher Hotel by K.T.RoseTour report15 January 2021
A Twist of Karma by Wendy WannerTour report08 January 2021
Her Name is Mercie by Chris RoyTour report18 December 2020
Nothing Good Happens After Midnight by Jeffery Deaver and othersTour report11 December 2020
Cancer Daily Life by Carola SchmidtTour report04 December 2020
The Bird in the Window by Wendy DalrympleTour report04 December 2020
The Plot Against Heaven by Mark KirkbrideTour report27 November 2020
Netted by K.T.RoseTour report20 November 2020
The Cult of Eden by Bill HalpinTour report13 November 2020
Scarred by Damien LinnaneTour report13 November 2020
Return to Hiroshima by Bob van LaerhovenNot available11 November 2020
The Psychic’s Memoirs by Ryan HyattTour report06 November 2020
Everyone is a Moon by Sawney HattonTour report30 October 2020
The Patchwork Prince by A. Van WyckTour report16 October 2020
The Speed of Life by James Victor JordanTour report09 October 2020
Ninja Girl by Cait MooreTour report02 October 2020
Crackle and Fire by Russ ColchamiroTour report25 September 2020
Razor – A Dying Wish by Henry RoiTour report25 September 2020
The Drop by Jacy MorrisTour report18 September 2020
The Ancestor by Lee Matthew GoldbergNot available21 August 2020
Central City by Indy PerroNot available11 August 2020
Of Myth And Shadow by Matthew CoxNot available04 August 2020
Moonlit Dreams Moonlit Nightmares by Laura Seeber (editor)Not available31 July 2020
Killer Coin by Elka RayNot available31 July 2020
Come Join The Murder by Holly Rae GarciaNot available21 July 2020
Murder in Montague Falls by Russ Colchamiro, Sawney Hatton & Patrick ThomasNot available17 July 2020
Nightmare Asylum and Other Deadly Delights by Sonia KilvingtonNot available10 July 2020
A Knife’s Edge by Eliot ParkerNot available05 June 2020
Slow Down by Lee Matthew GoldbergNot available15 May 2020
Sangre: The Wrong Side of Tomorrow by Carlos ColonNot available08 May 2020
The Girl Who Found The Sun by Matthew CoxNot available01 May 2020
Prophet’s Journey by Matthew CoxNot available22 March 2020
Crazy-Ass Stories for Crazy-Ass People by Andy RauschNot available15 March 2020
Jon Richter’s Disturbing Works Volume 2 by Jon RichterNot available08 March 2020
The Unholy by Paul DeBlassie IIINot available15 February 2020
The Mentor by Lee Matthew GoldbergNot available08 February 2020
Follow Him by Craig StewartNot available01 February 2020
Bullets, Teeth and Fists, 3 by Jason BeechNot available22 January 2020
Death of a Young Lieutenant by B R StatehamNot available15 January 2020
Six Minstrel Run by Matthew CoxNot available08 December 2019
Return to Hiroshima 2019 by Bob van LaerhovenNot available08 December 2019
Gumshoe Blues by Paul D BrazilNot available01 December 2019
Chance by Carolyn BowenNot available15 November 2019
Captivating Flame of Madness by Jeff ParsonsNot available01 November 2019
The Desire Card by Lee Matthew GoldbergNot available25 October 2019
Rose by Rami UngarNot available08 October 2019
Dark Retribution by BR StatehamNot available02 October 2019
Bloody Sheets (2019) by Andy RauschNot available01 September 2019

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