Quick Bite Promotions


Because of high demand we can normally only offer Quick Bite promotions to previous clients.

For our Quick Bites promotions we offer a published short story or novella (<15K words) to our panel of reviewers, with the request for a review at some point during the promotion month. All reviews received are publicized through social media. We cannot guarantee the number of reviews generated. Outputs to date are as below.


PromotionStoryReviewsLink to outcomes report
May 2021Claire’s Apocalypse by K.T.Rose27Outcomes report
July 20213 short stories by Miles Watson24Outcomes report
August 2021Like Only A Woman Can by CJ Grant12Outcomes report
September 2021Hungry Business by Maria DeBlassie10Outcomes report



If you would be interested in booking a Quick Bite Promotion of a published short story, please contact us using the form below

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