The Cloud

by Robert Rivenbark

June 21-24

In twenty-second century L.A. dominated by The Cloud, every imaginable pleasure is accessible—yet the entire world can vanish in a single upload.

That choice rests in one man’s hands.

Blaise, a brilliant but tormented VR programmer, is trying to forget his violent past as a special forces commando by throwing himself into creating VR fantasies. He finds himself tempted by his megalomaniac boss, who offers him wealth, power, and eternal life in exchange for coding a new VR series that will addict and eliminate billions of “unproductives.”

Caught between joining those who want to bring down the ruling Cloud regime in Hong Kong, or accepting the offer of personal immortality, Blaise finds himself flanked by two relentless women—a psychic hacker risking overwhelming personal odds to save humanity from annihilation, and the other using her extraordinary carnal wiles to accelerate the final triumph of The Cloud. Ultimately, Blaise must reembrace his violent warrior nature in a desperate bid to destroy it.

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About Robert Rivenbark

Robert Rivenbark earned a master’s degree in Creative Writing from Antioch University, after winning a full academic scholarship to study for two years in Oxford and London, England, based on his winning short story collection. He returned to the U.S. for a career in journalism and advertising, and worked as a senior copywriter and video producer for some of America’s most prestigious advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

His novel The Cloud won First Place in the science fiction category in the San Antonio Writers Guild 27th Annual Writing Contest in February 2019. He subsequently secured exclusive representation from Hollywood literary manager Ken Atchity of The Story Merchant. Robert will expand The Cloud into a novel trilogy, also suitable for screen adaptation. The Cloud is also in development as a TV series, for which Robert has written the pilot script.

Robert is the co-author with Elizabeth Rockett of THEODORA, an epic historical dramatic TV series about the most powerful Roman Empress in history, who co-ruled with her husband Justinian I. The series is in development with Atchity. Additionally, Robert has co-written a feature psychological thriller with Rockett.