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Please contact us to discuss your book before purchasing a tour package; pay after we have agreed on a date to host your tour.

To guarantee a successful tour, we host high-quality books we believe reviewers will love. Our demand is high, so if you have a release date, don’t wait, contact us as soon as possible to book a tour. Slots are only reserved when the payment is made.

We prefer Stripe, a safe and trustworthy payment system that supports more than 135 currencies and accepts debit and credit cards, allowing our customers to pay in their native currency, which is especially helpful since The Fire Shop has a global presence.

Note: Starting January, 2023, motion art banners will no longer be offered on tours as a courtesy, though all premium tours will still come with a flat banner and all reviews will be shared with graphics. If you would like to have a motion art GIF or MP4 made with the cover of your book, for the tour banner + an unbranded version not related to the tour, please let us know. Our motion art videos are made frame-by-frame using professional software — Photoshop, Corel and Procreate. To keep the cost affordable, we are not able to edit the videos. Before purchasing, please have a look at the motion art videos on Our Tours page, and place your trust in our artist. Motion Art GIF/MP4: $75 USD. Animations are created with professional software. Because they are very time consuming, requested corrections to the banner and graphics can be made, no problem. But not to the animations. So far, we never had less than 12 reviews published for a 4-day tour; but, just in case, we have a money-back policy (Fewer than 3 reviewers signed up – 90% refund of fee received; fewer than 50% of agreed reviewers signed up – 75% refund of fee received; fewer than 75% of agreed reviewers signed up – 50% refund of fee received; 75% or more of the agreed reviewers signed up – no refund of fee received.)

Black Phoenix 4-day tour, 12 reviews

The book tour includes a banner created from the cover of your book; a webpage for your book on our website; a media kit for the reviewers; graphics with an excerpt of each review, which we post on our Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Motion Art of Your Cover

Frame-to-frame motion art made from the cover of your book by our in-house pro artist. Unbranded and unlinked to the tour so that you can use it the way you would like.

Burning Bite

We’ll send a review invite to reviewers that love your genre. No tour, so they will read and review at their pleasure. We’ll get you a nice bunch of reviews trickling in. 5—8 is the average.

Black Phoenix Publisher Deal: 1-Year Package

If you are a publisher looking to add book tours to your publishing packages, we can host your tours for an entire year! 12 tours, 1 tour per month. These are 4-day tours with 12 reviews, and you’ll get a banner, webpage, media kit, and will guarantee slots for the 12 tours in our highly demanded schedule.*


*Note for the Publisher Deal: The dates of each tour will need to be agreed on before we begin working. Publishers can send the materials for each tour up to three months before the date. We are always available to talk to you and will adapt if it’s possible, of course, changing dates, etc. You can expect successful tours with reviews posted. If something happens, for whatever reason, and you need to cancel the Publisher Package, we understand. Contact us. Since we guarantee the slots, it means that we had to reject many other authors looking for the same dates, and we can only refund 30% of each tour we didn’t start working on yet.

Sending your material for the book tour

This material will be used to create the animation, the page for your book on our website, the media kit for reviewers, and other material for the tour, except for your name and email address, which are private. Please attach only the final versions or clean ARCs that can be used for the tour. Fields with an asterisk are required; you can fill out the other fields if you would like or leave them blank.

The forms accept even heavy files, but if they are very much heavy and you receive a message that it was not sent, please email them to us at

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    2. Please send the ebook