The Viking Gael Saga

by J.T.T. Ryder

July 17-20

A debt that needs to be paid. A life ended. A man sworn to avenge what is lost… no matter the price.

AD 870, western Norway.

In a time when marauders stoke fear in the hearts of Kings and commoners, a Viking named Ulf the Old comes to collect a debt owed to him by demanding that brothers Asgeir and Odd join his crew.

Not eager to leave their life behind, the brothers challenge Ulf and his son to a duel, but are defeated when Ulf slays Odd.

With his wounded pride and shattered heart, Asgeir joins Ulf’s Vikings, and swears to avenge his brother. But as the days unfold, they face a barrage of attacks from every direction.

Will Asgeir win back his family’s honor? Or will he find himself slowly developing camaraderie with Ulf?

Find out for yourself in “The Viking Gael Saga: Book 1” — a captivating Viking-age historical fiction adventure novel written by Viking-period archaeologist and author JTT Ryder.

If you’re looking to embark on an epic saga of the making of a man, set in a time where kingdoms are at the mercy of Viking-led invasions and violence, then get ready to meet your next favorite series!

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About the author

Joseph Thomas Thor Ryder is an archaeologist and author of the heroic fantasy novel HAG OF THE HILLS, book 1 of THE BRONZE SWORD CYCLES duology. He is a published author of Viking archaeology, and a doctoral candidate specializing in the Viking Age and Celtic Iron Age. He resides in Norway where he conducts archaeological research and writes heroic fantasy set in historical periods.