Tour: Keepers of the Gate

(Twilight Ends: Book 1)

By E. Denise Billups

18 – 21 June

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About Keepers of the Gate

In 1779 Kanadasaga, Sullivan’s Expedition torches a Seneca village and many others, destroying the Iroquois Confederacy. Awakened from sleep, Pilan and Teka flee their blazing longhouse into the woodlands. After a soldier’s bullet thwarts their escape, Pilan vows to meet his beloved Teka again in another life.

Two hundred years later in present-day Geneva, New York, historical relics rise. Twilight Ends, a grand Victorian bed-and-breakfast run by the Newhouse family, sits on the property the Iroquois village used to thrive on.

After Twilight Ends’ long-standing matriarch Tessa Newhouse dies, her daughter and granddaughter, Skylar and Twyla, discover two artifacts under the maple tree in the backyard, and an ancient mystery as old as time begins to unravel.

But will they have the courage to follow the path their ancestors did?

In a world that seems comfortably like the present, hints of sinister differences begin to emerge, and the stakes are raised beyond David’s fate.


Praise for Keepers of the Gate

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author Billups takes us on a mystic journey of a family’s legacy that crosses over the barriers of time. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of a family’s unique legacy and the extraordinary powers of the universe we are only just beginning to understand. An engaging read that will keep you wanting to know more–highly recommended! (Amazon review)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Billups offers lyrical prose, snappy dialog, and a strong grasp on realistic history. She describes scenes and backdrops so you feel like you are present… and the reliving of pain and pleasure as though you went through the actions yourself. I enjoyed solving the puzzle between the past and the present, but it’s more the type of books to relax with… not a thriller with a rush of suspense as much as a slowly but methodical unfolding of history and imagination through various memories and paranormal experiences between the core set of characters. Love crosses lines and generations, time periods and family dynamics. (Amazon review)

About the Author

E. Denise Billups is an author with a rare mixture of Southern and Northern charm. She was born in Monroeville, Alabama, and raised in New York City, where she currently lives, acquired an MBA, and works in finance and as a freelance columnist.

A multi-genre author of fiction, she’s published four novels—Keepers of The Gate: Twilight Ends (Book1), Kalorama Road, Chasing Victoria, and By Chance. She’s also written several supernatural short stories, Off the Grid, Ravine Lereux: Unearthing A Family Curse, The Playground, and Rebound. As an avid reader of mystery, psychological thrillers, historical fiction, and supernatural thrillers, she was greatly influenced by authors of these genres.

Currently, she is writing a paranormal historical fiction novella to be released in late 2021.

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