Tour: Reality Testing

By Grant Price 21 – 24 May

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About Reality Testing

Welcome to Berlin. Population: desperate. In the throes of the climate crisis the green tech pioneers are king, and if you aren’t willing to be their serf then you’re surplus to requirements.

Carbon credit for sleeping on the job. That’s the offer a dreamtech puts to Mara Kinzig, and she jumps on it. After all, the city ain’t getting any cheaper.

Then somebody changes the deal while she’s dreaming in the tank.

Now Mara has a body on her hands, an extra voice in her head, and the law on her tail. Only the Vanguard, a Foreign Legion of outcasts seeking an alternative path in the dust between the city states, might be able to help her figure out what went wrong. First, though, she’ll have to escape the seething streets of Berlin alive.

Praise for Reality Testing

“The worldbuilding that has gone into Reality Testing is truly impressive. Price has clearly spent a great deal of time working on the various settings and crafting new vocabulary that is suitable for daily life in the dystopian near-future. It’s definitely science fiction, but it’s frighteningly plausible.” San Francisco Book Review

“A bracing blast of neo-cyberpunk with some smart tweaks to the operating system. Price reboots the familiar noir scenarios of greedy multinationals, hero hackers, and freakishly augmented adventurers, upgrading the software with piquant bytes of green politics run amok and the unholy intersections of capitalism, recession, and transhumanism.” Kirkus

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“…It’s a bullet-quick read thanks to Price’s talent for writing action interspersed with razor-sharp dialogue. Mara is a terrific character, fighting multiple battles — including one inside her own head — in a fast-paced whodunnit where the bodies and existential threats pile up…. ” Amazon Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“…Price sparks the mind. He addresses the big issues of our time, of all times really. What makes us human? Where does our humanity reside? Certainly not simply in our physical body. Is our consciousness a function of our individual brains? Or maybe our brains are just receivers for a consciousness somewhere out there in the universe….. ” Amazon Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“…This one’s actiony, thoughtful, gritty, and all around a cyberpunk-esque experience I really enjoyed. If you loved the corporate dystopian nature of Blade Runner, definitely come claim your carbon credit with Reality Testing!…. ” Amazon Review


About Grant Price

Grant Price (b. 1987) is a British-German author currently living in Berlin, Germany. His first novel, Static Age, appeared in 2016. His second novel, By the Feet of Men, was published by Cosmic Egg Books in 2019. His third novel, Reality Testing, was released by Down By Law Books in 2021. His work has appeared in The Daily Telegraph and a number of magazines and journals, and he has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He has taught writing at the University of Gießen in Germany.

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