Tour: The Dark Chorus

By Ashley Meggitt

July 9th -15th – Extended

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  • Genre:  Horror suspense, Metaphysical science fiction
  • Print length: 241
  • Age range: 18+
  • Trigger warnings: Explicit violence. Ritual killing.
  • Formats available for the Tour: all standard electronic formats (sorry, no paperbacks)
  • Amazon Rating: 4.7 star **** (65 ratings)

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About The Dark Chorus

Oblivio salvationem Angelis opperitur: Oblivion awaits the Angel’s salvation

The Boy can see lost souls. 

He has never questioned the fact that he can see them. He thinks of them as the Dark Chorus. When he sets out to restore the soul of his dead mother it becomes clear that his ability comes from within him. It is a force that he cannot ignore – the last shard of the shattered soul of an angel. 

To be restored to the kingdom of light, the shard must be cleansed of the evil that infects it – but this requires the corrupt souls of the living! 

With the help from Makka, a psychotically violent young man full of hate, and Vee, an abused young woman full of pain, the Boy begins to kill. 

Psychiatrist Dr Eve Rhodes is seconded to assist the police investigation into the Boy’s apparently random ritualistic killings. As the investigation gathers pace, a pattern emerges. When Eve pulls at the thread from an article in an old psychology journal, what might otherwise have seemed to her a terrible psychotic delusion now feels all too real…

Will the Boy succeed in restoring the angel’s soul to the light? Can Eve stop him, or will she be lost to realm of the Dark Chorus?

Praise for The Dark Chorus

Rating: 5 out of 5.

You know when you read a book that ticks so many of your boxes you wish you’d written it? That’s how I feel about The Dark Chorus. It has everything: epic fantasy, horror, violence, mystery and a big dose of couldn’t-be-more relevant social commentary. Amazon Reviewer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is an entertaining and thought provoking novel. The Boy’s observations of the world around him are spot on and at times unsettling. The writing is strong, confident, and shows a world where the agents of Good are not always pleasant people. The Dark Chorus is one of those books that I found myself thinking about days after I finished reading, and that is always a good thing. Amazon reviewer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

WOW. I can end my review there, right? ….The characters. The plot. The pace. Honestly, I’m just impressed and having trouble writing a review that really details how incredible I thought this book was. You’re just going to have to trust me and read it. You won’t regret it. Amazon review

About the Author

Ashley Meggitt lives near Cambridge, UK, with his wife Jane. He left school to join a psychedelic rock band when he realised that sex, drugs, and rock and roll was a thing. Subsequently he went back to education and became head of IT for a Cambridge University college. In recent years Ashley has retrained in psychology and is now an associate lecturer in sports psychology. He is studying for his PhD.

Ashley writes when not studying, playing his guitar, or coaching triathletes.


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