Well Dressed Lies

by Carrie Hayes

January 23-26

London, 1877.
are shrewd, attractive, and looking for husbands. But their backgrounds are sketchy. No one knows they’ve been paid – some might say bribed – a fortune to leave New York. That they’ve been accused of intrigue, blackmail and worse are details best left alone. But when Victoria finds the love of her life, her prospects are threatened by a striking resemblance to a character in a story by Henry James.
Frantic to whitewash their past, she seeks Tennessee’s help, unaware that Tennessee is in the midst of her own struggle, consumed by an illicit affair with a Duchess who is not only married, but is also mistress to the Prince of Wales.

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About the Author

Carrie Hayes was born in New York City. She grew up around journalists, idealists and rule breaking women. Find her on Medium.com, Substack.com and on her upcoming podcast, Angry Dead Women.

Carrie’s debut novel, Naked Truth or Equality was an Editor’s Choice in the Historical Novel Review.

The Midwest Review describes her latest book, Well Dressed Lies, as “an inviting novel of intrigue, mischief, and love that invites libraries and readers to partake of a story replete in changing alliances, closely-held secrets, and social change that romps through high society relationships on both sides of the pond.”